Matthew Leach Classroom

As a result of being an educator for over the last decade, I have a number of unique skill sets that I can help you in terms of training, design, and development. I can design and develop nearly any type of web project you need from engaging web sites with blogs to ecommerce sites.

If you are interested in learning how to do this yourself, I can help you with that as well. I provide training on any of these subject matters and with my experience of teaching with online schools, I can provide online classroom experiences where we can work together one-on-one or within small groups.

Because each job can be so vastly different I can't quote rates here. The more I understand about your needs, the more I can provide you an estimate for the costs. I tend to have a lot of freedom in coming up with creative ways of working with you, so let me know what you need and I'll be happy to help.

Development Training

I can help anyone learn and improve their level of proficiency with both design and web-based programming. I love helping designers build a strong foundation with type, color, layout, and navigation and then helping them create their own unique presentation style. I can help in both one-on-one tutoring sessions, small group, as well as within an online classroom with your university.


Web Design

I can create any web site you need. We can discuss your needs and I can provide you with a number of possible solutions and their costs. When working with me, you'll have direct contact with me because I've found one-on-one communication makes project development much more efficient. Let me know what you are looking for and how I can help!

Course Development

I've developed over 30 collegiate courses both on-campus and online since 2001. Although initially most of the courses were focused around design topics, since 2007 I've been applying my use of layout, animation, and voice recordings to media projects to engage students within Mathematics, Criminal Justice, and English courses.

Textbook Production

I've written three digital textbooks with Wynn Press and they have been adopted by 2 online schools and 7 campus schools. If you have an idea for a book and would like to discuss how to bring your textbook to the masses with text, videos, and interactive elements, I can design and develop your concepts fast and efficiently. If you are interested, I can help you learn and build your own interactive eBook, as well.

Blogs / CMS

I can build nearly any CMS (Content Management System) to give you full control over the maintenance and updates of your own web site. Blogs have become a very important feature of web sites to communicate with online users. Blogs also demonstrate your involvement with your web sites and create more engaging techniques of communicating with your users.

Voice Recordings

If you are in need of voice recordings for a presentation, slideshow, product review, or tutorial, I have a full sound recording system to accomplish your needs. You can listen for yourself the quality of my work within my video explanations of my portfolio work. I can also apply my audio to video screen capture tutorials and Adobe Flash animations as well.


Formal Biography

Matthew Leach is a recognized expert in web site design and development, photography, course development, and spends most of his time teaching and developing educational materials on each of these subjects. He also founded, serves as the director, and is a contributing author with four digital textbooks with Wynn Press, a digital publishing company.

With Wynn Press, Matthew has published four digital textbooks that are supplemented with embedded screen-cast video tutorials and interactive teaching lessons, all recorded, designed, and programmed by him. His textbooks cover Flash Web Design, Flash Programming, and HTML Web Design with CSS using Dreamweaver. Currently, two online and seven campus colleges have adopted these eBooks as their required reading and online sales have continued to grow.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Matthew has over a decade of teaching experience as an adjunct faculty member of the Colorado Technical University, the Art Institute of Colorado, Westwood College, and the International Academy of Design and Technology. He has developed lectures and interactive materials for over 40 college courses, including creating course materials for Argosy University, South University, and the Art Institute Online.

Matthew has also served as the web developer and interface designer at Bodkin Studios, DC Studios Corp, DextMedia, InstallShield Software Corporation and Michigan State University's Virtual University. Matthew has career experience in training, curriculum development, project management, e-learning, with course focus on Flash for Web Designers, Animators, & Photographers, ActionScripting Code for Designers, Site Development with HTML, Digital Typography, Internet Game Design & Theory, and Senior Portfolio.

Matthew obtained both a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications / Computer Science and a Master of Arts in Digital Media Arts from Michigan State University. His master's thesis focused on the existing tools and experiments with the integration of ecollaboration and traditional web site design for communication within an online classroom environment. Recently he has expanded his research focus to the more general problem of creating effective educational tools to promote online learning and skill building in various subject matters.