Matthew Leach

One of the best parts of being a designer is getting the opportunity to work on various projects to keep things interesting, from both a technical side as well as in relation to the subject matter. Each new client has a unique target audience that I get to study and understand. It doesn't material what the subject matter is, my job is to understand the message and help users understand the content easier. It doesn't matter if it is working with my students or creating web site for clients; I'm always striving to make the difficult even more easy for everyone else.

I created these video explanations below to present my portfolio projects in a more engaging presentation with my own comments for your review. I also created these videos because many of the projects I create are property of a University or company that have been asked not to publically showcase. If you would like to discuss any of these projects privately, I'll be happy to share what I can.


Wynn Press

Much of my work between 2008 and 2012 was devoted to writing textbooks with Wynn Press. I maintained the Wynn Press web site and contributed as much as I could to the blog with thoughts and inspirational posts for student designers.

I wrote 4 textbooks:

HTML5 Web Design with CSS using Dreamweaver
Responsive Web Design using HTML5 and CSS3
Flash: Web Design and Animation
Flash: Code for Designers

My textbooks were adopts by over 15 schools.


Wynn Press

eBooks Publication & Web Site Development



Argosy University
Art Institute Online
South University

From 2007 to as recent as 2015, I have worked with Argosy University, Art Institute Online, and South University creating unique and engaging projects as recent. I have applied my screen capture and recorded voice work to create detailed tutorials specific for online classes. I have created numerous Flash animation projects that help demonstrate specific lessons visually (like teaching how to solve college algebra equations), as well XML driven Flash templates for easy content updates later by the course developers. Unfortunately, due to the NDA agreement I have with these schools, I have not yet been given permission to publicly showcase these projects.


Game Concepts

These three examples are basic game concepts I developed in order to help students learning code see how they can apply their new programming skills in different ways.

Feedin' Hippo

Play Game

Dodge the Dot

Play Game



Launch Web Site

Kona Grill

Web Site Maintenance & Flash Animations

Launch Mockup

Gaper Guide

Web Site Mockup


Launch Demo

Champions Tutoring

Product Demostration

Launch Quiz

Champions Pretest Demo

Interactive Quiz

Launch Web Site

AF Components

Screen Capture Tutorials


Launch Photos


Engagement Photos

Local Business Projects

Web Site Design

The Spot

Climbing Gym Owner